Need For PST Password Changer

tool easily change outlook password

Outlook has proved to be the best desktop mail and is the mostly preferred email client of business organizations. Apart from emailing, Outlook enables managing contacts, notes, journals, etc. and stores in PST files; known to be the go down of Outlook data. Outlook users are lucky in terms of security since it provides password lock. With the password locking facility, the data can be secured from the enemies.

It is said that, Outlook data hub is PST and this is of two types; ANSI and Unicode. In Outlook 2003 and earlier versions, you may see ANSI files of 2 GB size, from the later versions the size of the file improved i.e. Unicode PST file. Whatever be the Outlook versions, password provisions is meant for all the versions. This helps to store the important data safely, but, so far it is seen that people loss the passwords and is wandering for its recovery. one such scenario is described and the solution for recovering from such situation is also discussed.

Here is the scenario

“I’m the marketing head of the company and recently my GM gave me a PST file which contained important data. He wanted the data to be transferred to our partner company. But, when I tried to open the file in my Outlook 2010, it asked for password. It was that time I realized it was password protected and I don’t have password with me. As since he was unavailable, I couldn’t get them. I tried to Outlook PST Password change with pst19upg.exe but didn’t work since the file was of Outlook 2010. Now, what will I do? Is there any possible method for making the file free from password so that I can work with it?”

This is one example only. There are many out there like him who can’t open the file, or lost or forgotten the passwords. Another possibility is, when there are a number of PST files password protected, users may forget the passwords. In the situation where the PST password is lost, it is recommended to go for third party tools like PST Password changer.

Why third party tools? What is the problem with 'pst19upg.exe'?

Though with ‘pst19upg.exe’ utility the recovery of the file from a password is possible but, there are some limits.

  • It does not support the Outlook Unicode PST files.
  • Sometime pst19upg.exe tool does not change outlook password.
  • While working, there are chances for it to be stuck in the middle.
  • Sometimes during the recovery, data loss can occur.
  • The utility doesn’t work with later versions of Outlook.

Recover Files With PST Password Remover Tool

PST Password Changer software restores the PST file from password protected issue. The software supports the removal of multilingual passwords and enables to reset the password. The utility is a standalone, doesn't require the support of Outlook for running. Moreover, the problem with the version and types of PST files is resolved here. Users can work with the tool on any versions of PST files and types; both ANSI and Unicode. Being a Windows based tool, users can use it on any of the versions below 8.1. Break PST Password tool removes the old password without affecting the data contents.